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A boxing glove with a unique design, the Ringside IMF Tech Sparring Boxing Gloves is beautifully made and the first one of its kind when IMF (injected molded foam) technology was initially introduced by the brand.

With this innovative technology, Ringside IMF Tech Sparring Boxing Gloves are more versatile and durable when used compared to traditional gloves with several layers in them. With an excellent padding technology, protection is considered top notch and comfortable on the hands.

Features of the Ringside IMF Tech Sparring Boxing Gloves

  • Made of full-grain, all-leather materials
  • Uses IMF (injected molded foam) technology
  • 5” of protection over the knuckles for added security
  • Segmented cuffs also function as a second hand wrap
  • Features a longer padded cuff for more flexibility on the user’s part
  • Has a quick tie tech lace system that allows the user to tighten the fit of the gloves by just simply pulling the lace
  • Eye catching and unique design
  • Available colors—red, black and white


  • Versatile
  • The Ringside IMF Tech Sparring Boxing Gloves have excellent padding technology that make your hands bounce back when you land a punch
  • The gloves feel soft for sparring purposes, yet firm enough to effectively hit a heavy weight bag
  • The gloves have two segmented hand wraps instead of one
  • The longer padded cuff allows for more flexibility
  • Comfortable to use and wear because of the molded foam technology
  • Snug fitting and the lace-up closure offers the user a personalized fit according to his preference
  • Durable and well made with all-leather materials
  • Great gloves that effectively act as a shock absorber
  • Priced reasonably
  • The design is distinctive and efficient
  • Provides great support and protection for the wrists


  • Some of the people who reviewed this product complained of getting moist and sweaty hands because the gloves have no vent holes in the palms for air to pass in and out.
  • Some people had some trouble and pain when using the Ringside IMF Tech Sparring Boxing Gloves during the break-in period of the gloves, which may last for a few weeks.
  • A few people found the rough tag inside the gloves to be bothersome.
  • If you have large hands, the fitting may initially be uncomfortable because of the very snug fit
  • Because the closure is designed to be tied up, you may need another person to close up your other glove for you.
  • The glove’s fitting for the thumb was too tight for comfort, according to a few people who reviewed this product.


In terms of padding and protection, the Ringside IMF Tech Sparring Boxing Gloves are an excellent option if these features are your top concerns.

Well manufactured with high-quality standards, these gloves are stylish but still efficient to use during sparring and training sessions.

Although issues about comfort and fit may need careful consideration and will usually depend on one’s preference, overall, this pair of gloves is a great investment for anyone serious about their training.


The Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves is from a well-known maker of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) equipment that sponsors some of the best known MMA professional fighters.

The gloves are made of a high quality polyurethane leather surface that gives it a smooth finish. Due to the hybrid leather make of the gloves, powerful impacts are expected every time you land a punch.

Additionally, meticulous maintenance and cleaning are also not needed due to the smooth surface. Liquid damage is also highly unlikely because of the construction materials used on the surface.

When it comes to protection and performance, you are in good hands with the triple layer interior foam that the gloves have. An enclosure for the wrists made of Velcro and elastic makes the gloves snug and comfortable when worn.

They have mesh in the palm area so air can pass through and let your hands breathe. This also prevents moisture build up, keeping your hands dry the whole time.

Another boxing glove worth considering is the RDX Maya Hide Leather Boxing Gloves. The Maya hide leather is a great substitute for authentic cow hide because of its lower cost.

Although the cost is lower, the quality is still top notch. With these gloves, a triple layer Polymax contoured padding will protect your hands and knuckles during use.

Ventilation is also considered with this glove because each piece has a moisture wicking mesh lining to keep moisture from building up. Specially designed air vents are also placed in strategic areas to keep your palms dry and fresh at all times.

You can use these gloves for light to moderate bag and pad work. They have a convenient wraparound Velcro closure so you can adjust the fit accordingly.


The Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves is the best option among the three because aside from the protection offered by three layers of interior foam.

They also provide a vent on the palm area to keep your hands dry, which is also an important aspect when considering a sparring or training glove to purchase.

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