Meister Pro Boxing Gloves Review

by Puncher | Last Updated: March 23, 2021

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Are Meister Pro Boxing Gloves what you need or not?

Boxing without the proper equipment can be a tough thing to do, especially if you are a beginner. Likewise, equipment that supports those who are already familiar or experts is not always ideal for those who are just starting out.

To fill this particular niche, Meister, a manufacturer of elite boxing gear, came up with the Meister Pro boxing gloves, designed specifically for beginner hitters who need that proper support and stability to help them achieve their boxing goals.

Ideal for heavy bag training, fitness workouts or even light sparring with a partner, the Meister Pro is cost-efficient in its functionality, aesthetic and reliability.

Specifically designed to endure abuse from your boxing training, the Meister Pro is a worthy choice for anyone taking up boxing as a sport or for purely fitness reasons.

Incredibly well-made for its price range, the Meister Pro is a pair of boxing gloves that will exceed your expectations of how affordable proper boxing gloves can be.



If you are a boxing beginner in the market for proper boxing gloves that can help you with your growing interest for the activity, whether from a purely fitness or sports standpoint, the Meister Pro is a good and solid all-around choice that you will be happy with.

It’s made with exceedingly cheaper yet exorbitantly strong synthetic leather that is a common and popular choice nowadays amongst beginner boxers because of their lower prices yet durable qualities.

The Meister Pro utilizes this material in an ergonomic and hand-contouring design that is very specific in its natural fit to your hands, making it more comfortable in all aspects.

The Meister Pro’s padding is made of multi-layered high-density impact foam that will protect your fists from powerful shocks using its absorption capabilities, while resisting some of the impact it makes in order to provide your punches with more accuracy and stability.

You will feel less pain whenever delivering the hardest of punches, and they will always be accurate and stable every time you throw them.

The stitching on the gloves are also strengthened and done twice in order to doubly protect it from wear-and-tear. Use the Meister Pro with less worry of it succumbing to the abuse you will be giving it.

The wrist area is also perfect for supporting your wrist movements with its own wrist support innovation. It keeps your wrists steady while delivering punches, which means that you can enjoy your activities with fewer wrist-related injuries.

The addition of a molded area for both your fingers and thumb means less occurrences of thumb injuries; all the while still offering you flexibility for all your fingers.

The palm part is made with a breathable mesh material that keeps your hands cool inside the mitts while preventing any odor-causing bacteria to grow in it.

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The main drawback with the Meister Pro is that it will do its finest job for beginners. If you’re already an experience boxer, you might not find the structure to your liking because of its softness which is more in line with less-experience hitters.

All in all, if you’re not a beginner anymore, your money will be better spent elsewhere, preferably on a pair of gloves that is more expensive yet can offer more protection for your hands.


For beginner purposes, the Meister Pro boxing gloves are topnotch gloves that have great cost-efficiency and value according to their intended use.

However, if you’re no beginner and you know how to hit properly, you will not find these gloves to your liking and are better off elsewhere with more premium-made gloves.